Monday, 13 August 2012

Term 3, Week 8: Volleyball Peer Teaching

Hello All,

By now, you should have watched at least a Men's / Women's volleyball Olympic match.

To recap, the techniques learnt are: Dig, Volley, Spike / Tip.

Remaining Houses are each to peer teach passing drills which combine at least 2 of the techniques learnt.

House: Red

Name of Drill: Net Passing Drill
Techniques Used: Dig / Volley
Drill Explanation / Sequence: <clear instructions of how the drill is carried out>
Equipment used: 6 Badminton posts, 3 badminton nets, 12 cone markers, etc... (be as specific as possible)

Extra requirement:
Each group must print out (at least 5 sets of A4-sized diagram).
Demonstration of drill

Extra credit:
Each group printing out A3-sized diagram (for clearer instruction).
Interesting drills which clearly use the techniques learnt.

Useful Resources

All groups are to post up their Peer Teaching lesson plans onto the class's S&W Blog.

All teams are to have their team name and select a Captain and V. Captain.


  1. My team: NAME: ISRAEL, Captain: Hao Xian, Vice-Captain: Jerome, Primary Setter: AZEIL any violent objections please comment below

    1. I REFUSE. =_= 1. The team name wasn't even discussed with ALL members 2. My name is spelled AZIEL you idiot

  2. Hi Guys,

    The original plan was to have team names based on countries. Do be respectful to the country name AS WELL AS your teammate. If there are further issues, choose another country name.